Dirty Smith is a creation by a blacksmith who provides free blacksmithing tutorials! Bound by his coal and hammers, this smith went to college and got a degree in graphic design. Combining his humor, trendy design skills and using the digital tools of the universe he came up with Dirty Smith! Appealing to other metal workers who wield the techniques of their elders, whom have been forging since they were “weee lads”, or whose grandfather was a blacksmith; Dirty Smith creates a well dressed blacksmith wearing these smithy threads that Hephaestus himself would love!

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Somebody’s Gotta Do It …a year later

  Although this picture may look like Mike is in time out, possibly contemplating some heavy topics while in a meditative state being complemented by a gentleman reflecting some light into the scene, yet it is simply of Mr. Rowe sitting in our storage bus for one...

Point, grunt and clang digital beers

Oye! Man o man…I’ve been busy. So if you don’t know, my full time job is working in the family business of Dragon Forge LTD. We have been slammed with work and I have not had time to do a Forging Fridays. Though I planned it out and put out a simple...

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