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╦ DirtySmith 3: The Post When you think about blacksmithing, it might be a combination of ideas. Be it lighting a coal forge, using limited tools, or a selection of items that are expected to be produced. In "today's" shop you are more likely to be...

Dirty Smith’s Floor Lamp February's blacksmithing maker video Dirty Smith forges and fabricates a custom floor lamp out of copper and steel. Thank's for watching and please share if you enjoyed it. About this project: It was the week prior to Christmas of 2016....

How do you take care of your injuries from work?

Oh, my back! work, pain and what do you do to manage it? The last few weeks I was putting in the hours on a large range hood. This project involved me jumping up and down my layout table, at the anvil for small spurts, fabricating in odd positions and constantly...

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Dirty Smith, aka Rory, is also available for demos, assisting in demos, lectures and various other public presentations.

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