Dirty Smith is a creation by a blacksmith who was fed up with other sub-par blacksmithing swag! Bound by his coal and hammers, this smith went to college and got a degree in graphic design. Combining his humor, trendy design skills and using the digital tools of the universe he came up with Dirty Smith!

Appealing to other metal workers who wield the techniques of their elders, whom have been forging since they were “weee lads”, or whose grandfather was a blacksmith; Dirty Smith creates a well dressed blacksmith wearing these smithy threads that Hephaestus himself would love!


  • Fun 75%
  • Help you be a better Blacksmith 85%
  • Manly 99%
Dirty Smith Stickers!

The Dirty Smith Show!

Dirty Smith Show EP: 21 Layouts, Planning, and some small details for the blacksmith

Dirty Smith Show EP: 21 Layouts, Planning, and some small details for the blacksmith

Dirty Smith’s Forging Fridays Episode 21:  An “under the weather” Dirty Smith takes the time to walk through some concepts of how to layout a “square” rectangle, discussion and technique of how to do it on a layout table, and a variety of other topics ranging from working with clients, design concepts, and a little window into his own process. Basically 30 min of me…rambling. Hope you got something out of it… Thanks for the support! Like it? Share, subscribe and keep it dirty! Music provided by: Juzzie Smith http://juzziesmith.com/ Check out other social media links: http://instagram.com/dirtysmith http://dirtysmith.tumblr.com/ https://twitter.com/TheDirtySmith https://www.facebook.com/the.dirty.smith share this dirty...

Knives Sold

Dirty Smith is looking to do a fun side project but needs your help!

Goal Met! Thank you to those who supported me!

Support Dirty Smith with the funds he needs to start forging his new project with your choice of a RR Spike knife and/or Dirty Smith Wrench Knife!

“The forging and the material of the project I can cover…its the electronic parts that I need help with.  $600 of electrical equipment inside this functional steampunk creation.  Want to help? Buy a knife and I will forge and mail it to you! Thank you for the advise, support and cheering me along this adventure!”

You can read more Here about the new direction I am exploring as a blacksmith

-Dirty Smith

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