irty Smith is a creation by artist and blacksmith, Rory May. He is a second generation blacksmith having grown up surrounded by forges, hammers and metal. His strong artistic talent and interest in


all things computer generated led him to a Bachelor’s degree in Media Arts and Animation. After exploring that interest and deciding that the things he wanted to create should have a longer more tangible impact he concentrated his creative abilities on metal. Rory’s full time job is working along side his father at Dragon Forge, Ltd and has grown and developed into a corner stone of what the studio personifies. Now as a partner in the studio, his unique perspective and design sense have expanded and deepened what the scope of work Dragon Forge, Ltd., is known for and has allowed Rory to add his own distinctive mark.

DirtySmith has become a tool, network and form of educational entertainment to help establish what modern smithing is.

“It’s much more than just swords and horse shoes. We, as a community of blacksmiths, need to share not only what we forge yet also how we forge. The cultural stereotype of what a “blacksmith” is/does has been butchered and manipulated in such a way that discourages anyone of thinking this could be a career choice. I won’t stand on the sidelines and watch a generation coming up thinking the options to forge are limited and useless, because that is not true. In this craft you can see the world, meet people, explore your own abilities. You just have to put the work into it. Believe me, it’s worth it.”

When not swinging a hammer Rory can be found fishing…cant get enough fishing…

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