A Helpful DirtySmith Consultation

75.00 $


Do you have a project that you are working on, about to work on or need some help going over how to do forge, build or prototype? Possibly some business opinion, marketing, how to find work, deal with clients?

We can talk about it.

(I know…who would have thought!)

What you get:

  • One on One conversation online via google, skype or phone call.
  • An hour +/- personal discussion between us

What I need:

  • Project notes, pics, any content that helps aid in what you are doing (email me is best)
  • A general email describing your intent of the discussion. Is it looking for help with a project, finding clients, etc?
  • After emails are exchanged I will look them over and be in touch with you asap to find out when a good time to talk is.

*I have right to reject this if I think I am not suitable to help. No topics on forging weapons and/or knives

Additional information

Bussiness Talk
Project Talk


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