February’s blacksmithing maker video Dirty Smith forges and fabricates a custom floor lamp out of copper and steel. Thank’s for watching and please share if you enjoyed it.

About this project:

It was the week prior to Christmas of 2016. Craig, my father, had left for the day and I was alone in the shop. The project I was working on needed to be done but at the moment I had an oppertunity to forge something for my parents. See they had a dark corner of their kitchen. The dinning room table always seemed a little dark and took some getting used to. With the project rolling around in my mind the past few months, I took the chance and forged this lamp in one day. Originally I had bought a small chandelier from the local thrift store, but upon disseminating the chandelier I noticed this light has been converted from a floor lamp to a lamp that hangs from a chain…and I was going to make it back into a floor lamp. Ha! Due to the bad wiring done by the previous owner, I was unable to upcycle the upcycled light. So off to the store to purchase a light kit. Wrapped it up later that night and made this video for them. They enjoyed both the video and the lamp.

Merry Christmas and Happy Valentine’s Mom and Dad. Love you


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