Although this picture may look like Mike is in time out, possibly contemplating some heavy topics while in a meditative state being complemented by a gentleman reflecting some light into the scene, yet it is simply of Mr. Rowe sitting in our storage bus for one of their photo shoots. They came out fall of 2014 and the show was aired April of 2015. Mike Rowe and his crew were here at the studio filming an episode for “Somebody’s Gotta Do It.” Season 2 Episode 2. Today is the year anniversary of this milestone for us. What a day…what a day!

Mike Rowe Dragon Forge LTD

Earlier in 2014:

Craig came around the corner and said “Mike Rowe called…” I chuckled to myself while replying back to my father to get back to work. He paused for a moment, “No…really…they called…” Everything around me stopped. My first thought was that I had done something wrong. What could I have possibly done for someone to call? The past 2 years of social media, clients, project experiences, phone calls, emails, discussion went through my head like a catalog. I was still unclear of the reason. Craig handed me the phone and I listened. It was a message from a lovely lady who worked with a production company. They were looking for a blacksmith shop for Mr. Rowe to work in and thought we would be a great topic. Some would expect a high five, a cheering motion of excitement ending with a happy tune complemented with a freeze frame. I had the opposite reaction. “Well…crap. I don’t know what to do.” Craig grabbed the phone and said that we are going to call them back. So we did and the phone call went great. Then the discussion of what to make came up. Here is a moment to help represent what modern smithing is. Ideas started small, such as things we make at demonstrations: hooks, chains, bottle openers and various small knick knack things. How long were they going to be here? I felt the urge to watch all of the Dirty Jobs seasons to see if Mr. Rowe had any other experience in forging. We found out that they wanted to be here for the day. Soon after we came up of a business sign concept. We agreed and went to designing. I was working on a large chandelier job, had just finished some small gates and was getting ready to start the next project. Working on the sign in the background, I continued to keep my calm nature and not freak out about what was going to arrive, the man himself Mike Rowe. We had a couple of phone calls later, never speaking with Mike directly, and with each phone call the window of their stay went from all day to “ohhh maybe just 2 hours.” I flipped out. We had three days to get the sign 99% done if he was only going to stop by. The day before the camera crew and producer came to the shop. Little did I know we were getting interviewed. They loved the shop/environment and 3 hours later told us they would be here in the morning and Mike would be here all day. On one hand I was relieved, on the other I was concerned as I had got most of the sign ready. Discussing with Craig what the plan was for the next day, my mind was racing in circles. He calmly reminded me that we have a large shop with 40 years of tool hoarding and us to lead them through it. We have plenty to share, show and will just have a good time like we always do. I would like to say that I slept well the night before, but I didn’t. I was up at 4 am and didn’t need to be at the shop until 8. The next day was full of bad jokes, informative information, bad jokes, Mike getting burned, bad jokes, lots of forging and some other bad jokes. We had a great time and an experience I’ll never forget. At the end of the day the photographer wanted to get some pics of Mike in the shop.

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-Dirty Smith