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Here we go! Dirty Smith Zombie Apocalypse Weapon Challenge! Deadline to enter is 10/30/18. You can do wtvr you want, how ever you want. I ask you forge at least one thing in your piece. An example: if you only know how to forge nails…get a wood bat, drill some holes and forge all the nails for that bad boy. Extra points for creativity, functional and adding things, such as fire, in addition to your creation and even better if you have a video demonstration. Have fun, be safe and get ready…the zombies are coming!

An addition to this year’s weapon contest and as many demonstrate the effectiveness on a pumpkin, there is the option to make something to protect the pumpkin.

I’ll pick the finalists!

Social Media entries:

-Use #DirtySmithZA4 to enter (make sure its public so I can see it)
-Tag me so I am sure to see it. If I didn’t like it…then I haven’t seen it!

Must be posted on DirtySmith’s Zombie Weapon Group

-Share a link with me via email info@dirtysmith

Last Years Finalists